ShareFile for Outlook

ShareFile for Outlook allows you to bypass Outlook’s file size limit on attachments and add security to your attachments or emails. You can provide a secure file upload request directly in your email.

ShareFile for Outlook provides notifications to alert you when someone accesses a file or sends you a file. You can also set different security and access levels on a file-by-file basis.

For information about new features, see What’s new.

Supported versions

Minimum supported version

  • or higher

Download ShareFile for Outlook here.

Download ShareFile for Outlook MSI here.

System requirements

OS requirements

  • Windows 10 or later

.NET requirements

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 or later

Microsoft Outlook version requirements


The ShareFile for Outlook plug-in is not compatible with the new Outlook for Windows. A new compatible version is coming soon.

  • Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • Office 365 plans that include full, installed Office applications.


The local version of the plug-in is not compatible with Microsoft Outlook Express, Outlook for Mac, or web-based Outlook.

ShareFile requirements

  • A ShareFile Advanced, Premium, or Virtual Data Room plan.
  • The user must be an Employee user on the account.

Fixed issues

Fixed issues in

  • SharePoint load speeds might be slow. [SFOLP-1636]

Fixed issues in

This release addresses issues that improve overall performance.

Fixed issues in 24.2.12

  • After upgrading to the latest version, user default settings might not load. [SFOLP-1617]

Fixed issues in 24.2.10

  • Email sign-in required option might reset to other options after closing Outlook. [SFOLP-1596]

Fixed issues in 23.10.6

  • The expiration text in shared files and links might not follow the expiration policy set for the account. [SFOLP-1582]

  • Some recipients might receive a link that is invalid. [SFOLP-1587]

Fixed issues in 23.7.3

  • When re-enabling the plug-in, a start-up error might occur. [SFOLP-1578]

Fixed issues in 23.4.6

  • When attaching a file outside of ShareFile, the file might lose its extension. [SFOLP-1546]

  • When performing ShareFile actions, recipient categories on a new message might be reset. [SFOLP-1549]

Fixed issues in 22.7.5

  • When viewing encrypted emails, Outlook might shut down unexpectedly. [SFOLP-1531]

  • Multiple login prompts might occur when opening a new compose window. [SFOLP-1532]

  • WebView2 might not install an update if the previous version is too old. [SFOLP-1533]

Fixed issues in 22.4

  • Failure to send error message might not display after a failed encrypted email. [SFOLP-1525]

  • The ability to install WebView2 twice might occur. [SFOLP-1528]

Fixed issues in 22.1

No fixed issues in this release.

Fixed issues in 21.10

  • Resending a message with an attachment might fail. [SFOLP-1484]

Fixed issues in 21.9

  • Sending encrypted emails might fail. [SFOLP-1474]
  • Attempting a reauthentication, the authentication might fail. [SFOLP-1481]
  • If sending a file when not signed into Citrix Files, the message might not work properly. [SFOLP-1485]
  • When replying to emails, the Outlook reply window might go out of focus. [SFOLP-1494]
  • Outlook Today feature might be disabled now that Internet Explorer is the default browser for Outlook. [SFOLP-1501]

Fixed issues in 6.7

  • Changing networks might cause an error with Citrix Files for Outlook. [SFOLP-1369]
  • When using the German version, starting a workflow might result in a wrong description. [SFOLP-1458]
  • Attaching files to an encrypted email might cause an error. [SFOLP-1460]
  • RTF formatted emails with photo attachments might fail on delivery. [SFOLP-1463]

Fixed issues in 6.6

  • When dragging files into Citrix Files for Outlook, some files might not convert. [SFOLP-1436]
  • Attempts to sign into Citrix Files for Outlook might fail when using Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2019. [SFOLP-1437]
  • The options window might display with errors when using a resolution smaller than 1280 x 960. [SFOLP-1438]
  • Attempts to re-open the Citrix Files for Outlook sign-in window might fail. [SFOLP-1447]

Fixed issues in 6.5.1

  • The banner might not localize when attaching a file for the first time after changing the language under the “Encryption” toggle button. [SFOLP-1306]
  • After attaching a file, the “Insert File” window might pop up again after the file is loaded. [SFOLP-1396]
  • The English language might not show up as an available option when operating system culture is set to another country. [SFOLP-1398]
  • “Convert Attachments” might not be disabled when the user isn’t authenticated. [SFOLP-1399]
  • Citrix Files for Outlook add-in might crash when building a culture list. [SFOLP-1401]

Fixed issues in 6.5

  • Attachments might get converted to Citrix Files attachments even if the user is not signed in. [SFOLP-1307]
  • Closing a folder that is still loading might display an incorrect folder when reopened. [SFOLP-1334]
  • Attachments might be added as Citrix Files attachments even if the user is not signed in. [SFOLP-1355]
  • Authentication intermittently fails when launching Outlook. [SFOLP-1360]

Fixed issues in 6.4

  • The icon that displays on the welcome message after installing a new version of Citrix Files for Outlook might be pixelated. [SFOLP-1042]
  • Users might have to manually authenticate again after using single sign-on to sign in. [SFOLP-1152]

Fixed issues in 6.3.1

  • Recipients might not be able to access shares that require logon. [SFOLP-1051]

Fixed issues in 6.3

  • When logging out from Citrix Workspace app, Citrix Files for Outlook might remain logged in. [SFOLP-1020]
  • Citrix Files for Outlook might prompt to log on frequently. [SFOLP-1025]
  • Attachments might auto-convert even if you are not logged on. [SFOLP-1046]
  • Launching Microsoft Outlook after 15 minutes in a Citrix Virtual App or Citrix Virtual Desktop session would prompt for logon instead of using single sign-on. [SFOLP-1048]
  • Top-level personal cloud connector folders can be selected to share. [SFOLP-1092]
  • When personal cloud connectors are not configured, an empty logon page appears. [SFOLP-1093]
  • Some settings are preserved after tokens have expired and a different user has logged on. [SFOLP-1128]

Fixed issues in 6.2

  • Items might fail to attach if the email is saved as a draft. [SFOLP-984]
  • The Custom Settings dialog might appear at the bottom of the screen. [SFOLP-990]
  • The Citrix Attachments banner might appear outside of an email window. [SFOLP-1006]
  • Special characters might not be allowed in email addresses. [SFOLP-1014]
  • When using the per-machine install option, a “Browser out of date” prompt might appear after entering a subdomain. [SFOLP-1018]

Known issues

Known issues in 6.5

No new issues have been observed in this release.

Known issues in 6.4

No new issues have been observed in this release.

Known issues in 6.3.1

No new issues have been observed in this release.

Known issues in 6.3

No new issues have been observed in this release.

Known issues in 6.2

No new issues have been observed in this release.

ShareFile for Outlook