FAQ - Projects and Document requests

This FAQ document provides the most common questions (with answers) from folks using ShareFile Projects and Document requests.


The only role that can add additional Project Owners is the current Project Owner only. So before deleting a user who is the Project Owner, you must assign an additional Project Owner. If a new Project Owner is not assigned before removing the current Project Owner, a new Project Owner cannot be added and the Project cannot be deleted.


I’m not seeing Projects?

The Projects feature is available for the Premium plan. Contact us if it’s still unavailable for you.

Are there any limits to the number of files a user can upload to an item?

There are no limits to the number of files/documents for Document Request.

How do you delete a Project?

See Delete Projects

How can I see the progress of the Document Requests?

On the home page of a Document request, you see the number of approved items of all items. When you are on the document request page, you can see the progress at the top of this page and all the details below.

What will my client see when I add him to a Project?

Your client (a contributor role) can see all the content of the Project they are assigned to. The client can’t delete any files or attachments, edit Project or Document Request details, or remove people from the Project. The client is able to upload and download files, make comments, and add team members.

Can I assign several people to the Project?

Yes, you can assign as many as you want. You can add owners or contributors to the project.

What happens after I send back the item / reject it?

After a service provider rejects an item received after a document request, they can add a reason for the rejection to the automatic email. The client receives an email notification with a link to the particular item.

Can I reopen the Document request if it was closed? Can I undo the ‘approve’ item?

Yes, you can close the request and reopen it again if you want to add items or make other changes. You can notify a client or choose not to. The same actions that you can make with item approval.

Can I create and reuse a template for Document Request?

Not yet. As for now, we recommend creating a template as an excel file and upload it while creating the document request. This functionality will become available in future releases.

How will my client know that I submitted a comment?

When you submit a comment, the next time the client is in the project, the comment is viewable under the Comments tab and in the Comments section for the particular document request.

Who has access to Projects? What do the roles mean?

There are two roles available in Projects: Owner and Contributor. The owner is a service provider representative, and the contributor is the client. You can assign as many people to the Project as you need.

How can I organize Document Request files by category?

We suggest using the item name as a category of the document request. Then, your client uploads the documents by items, meaning by category. Additional functions in categorizing will be added to files for a better user experience in future releases.

Can I reopen document requests or reapprove items?

Yes. Your clients are notified about reopening if you choose so.

Can I move Project files to ShareFile Folders? Can I add a file from ShareFile Folders?

No. Currently this option isn’t available.

FAQ - Projects and Document requests

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